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As a long-term service provider we have focussed on creating information systems, and in the past few years we have also focussed more on the development of the cross-use and information inquiries of the data contained in them.
Hosting Services
We've been offering IT hosting since 1994, when the first fully electronic Estonian ‘central register of privatisation' was completed. Since then, several other information systems with critical information security requirements have found a home in our server space.
Digitisation of documents greatly simplifies the management of archives and helps protect original documents against inevitable wear.

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We provide user support for the information systems according to the client's needs. Depending on the agreement, we provide Level 1 and/or 2 user support in terms of best practice in IT service management.
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IT administrating service

Both fixed and mobile devices are secured according to policies. Сontact our customer support team, where a whole team of trained and certified professionals, to obtain a number of challenging solutions.

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