AS Andmevara

Address: Pärnu mnt 158, 11317 TALLINN

Phone:+372 6715 119

E-mail: mail{at}

Register code: 10264823

VAT No: EE100081518


Customer Support:

Phone: +372 6715 188

E-mail: abi{at}

On workdays 08:15-17:00


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Andmevara Stylebook


From this page you can download Andmevara stylebook and logos. Before using them, please be sure to read the rules given in the stylebook and to coordinate the use of logo with Andmevara representative.

If Andmevara logo is used without the consent of the representative and to the detriment of the company's reputation or contrary to the instructions in the stylebook, Andmevara has the right to require from user to stop using the logo and to claim compensation for damages.