Service portal for local governments is a website content management solution targeted at both the private and public sectors, turning a conventional website into a service portal.

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KOVMEN extension for KOVTP ensures a process-based approach to activities, at the same time interacting with other information systems, applicants for services and organisations.

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Information system for municipal councils/governments was created to facilitate the work of councils and governments, making it quicker, simpler and cheaper. 

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DELTA document management software was designed as a document management tool for organisations, implementing the functionalities required for the document lifecycle.

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Information system for spatial planning procedures enables planning-related communication between citizens and local governments using a web platform.

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Information system of land instalments is an information system developed for county governments, enabling easy centralisation and automation of accruals of the land instalment payment schedule etc. 

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Turvaserveri teenus

Security server service

Since 3 October 2016, X-Road service providers must use the X-Road version 6, which significantly increases the security requirements.

AS Andmevara offers the X-Road security server service.

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MISP2 (mini-information system portal) is a portal for organizations that allow them to use open X-Road services.

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