AS Andmevara is a state owned information technology company.

The main fields of activity of AS Andmevara are developing, maintaining and servicing registers, databases, and information systems, developing complete information technological solutions, designing working environments for information processing, and carrying out procurements related to this field, and providing information services based on the registers. We provide warranty, maintenance, and user support for solutions developed by us. If the customer desires, we also offer the hosting service of implemented information systems in our IT environment as a complete solution.


AS Andmevara has been providing IT hosting since 1994 when the first fully electronic register in Estonia – the Central Register of Privatisation Vouchers was created. It was followed by the Population Register and ESTLEX, both accessible over the Internet.

Today several other critical information systems with the highest information security requirements are hosted in the server room of AS Andmevara: various information systems of the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Social Benefits Information System of Tallinn, the Register of Legal Acts of Tallinn, information systems of the National Audit Office, and many others.

AS Andmevara provides information services based on the Population Register.

AS Andmevara provides a service targeted to the private sector, enabling both natural and legal persons to submit applications for data retrieval from the Population Register.

We provide helpdesk services for different information systems according to customer needs. We offer first and second level of helpdesk services in compliance with service level agreements and use ITIL best practices. In addition to population register, at the moment we provide helpdesk services for example to local government service portal (KOVTP), the local council / government information system (VOLIS), Land after-payments information system (land after-payment) and other information systems users.

As a long-time service provider we are focused on creating information systems, and lately more and more also on the cross-usage of data contained in them, and on developing information retrieval queries. The most well-known and complicated original software applications created by us are the information systems of the Population Register, border control and employment services.

The database administration service relieves database owners of performing routine tasks and acquiring expensive environments, and enables them to concentrate on their main activities, trusting their databases to the care of professionals.

We have administered the most important register in Estonia – the Population Register – for over 10 years.

AS Andmevara has been digitising paper documents for six years, and achieved the market leader position in the field of paper document digitisation during this time.